LOCK-HER Kinky Lockers, Premium Edition


Introducing our BDSM Locker! Perfect for changing rooms, gym, school roleplay, even a garage or work setting, this will go almost anywhere!

Packed full of custom, fluid, animations this mesh piece is designed to dirty and kinky, work up a sweat in those locker rooms by chaining the cheer leader to the locker and having your wicked way with her after the game!

* 2 Prims Land Impact – That’s right, this mesh has been designed specifically for SL so is especially prim efficient.(note, the version with all the books included is 15 prims, the one without the books is 9 prims).

* RLV – Yes this will capture anybody RLV enabled, it also has a menu allowing you to strip clothing off, gag (restricts IMs & Chat), blindfold (controls what the person can see or not), Cuff (restricts what the capture can touch).

* No Pose Balls – All our new products run animations without using pose balls, just sit & go!

* Free Updates for Life – We are constantly improving our items, every time we add new features or animations you will be delivered a new copy automatically

* Xcite & Tokon compatible, so this piece works with all your attachments & toys

* Custom Animations – This item has been specifically designed around the animations for it, meaning they fit first time every time, there’s a fun singles menu for the slave in waiting, a romantic cuddles menu for that all important “warm up” and then the all important adult menu where you can choose chained or un-chained sex… Totally HOT, smooth & fluid anims that have to be seen to be believed, take a look at the pics or come play with the item in-world to see for yourself.

* MODIFY – All our new items are now copy & modify

There’s so much that could be said about this piece but lets stop wasting time, come & see it inworld to check out the amazing animations but don’t forget to buy on Marketplace to get it cheaper!!!

Inworld Slurl -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawk%20Land/127/164/22

Marketplace Link -> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kinky-Locker-with-BDSM-RLV-Perfect-for-School-or-Sport-RP/12648092


Let’s Go Topless – Premium Edition!






This gorgeous, mesh super car is certain to get your heart racing as it is absolutely packed full of heartmelting and completely hardcore animations…

With no pose balls to worry about and an in-built seamless menu for the animations this is one of the only cars in SL that lets you fuck while you drive, or allows the passenger to suck the driver off as he is racing round!

And racing round you will be as this is fully scripted with KCP V7, custom tuned in by ourselves to make this the ride of your life… with options to have a burst of Nitrous Oxide (NOZ) and even drift round corners, plus manual or automatic transmission, this car is not something you are going to get bored of driving in a hurry!

But if you do, you can park up somewhere scenic and then the real fun begins! a HUGE selection of animations await you, most of them MOCAP (which means we filmed/tracked couples having sex in RL to capture the animation). So yeah, many many hours and lots of fun has gone in to making this car!

You can tie your slave to the hood/bonnet and drive round with them screaming for you to stop, pour candle wax over them & fuck them with a spanner, or simply tease them with a peacock feather, use the extensive menu to work round many areas of the car for your pleasure.

Ohh, and if you are a photographer, the menu also has a “model poses” section which is still poses to help your model look just right when spread across the hood or holding on to the back wheel, plus many other positions for that perfect photo… we have also included a “non-driveable” version so if you are all about the anims you do not have to use the car as a car, just a prop!

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a HUGE TEXTURE CHANGE HUD! with seperate body, wheel and interior textures you can customise the look of this car in literally hundreds of combinations! Each texture has been mental ray rendered in 3ds max (not just photoshopped) so it looks really ultra realistic with baked in shadows & highlights.

A very quick description of the animations menu, this really doesn’t do it justice, you have to use it to really appreciate it!

– 6 anims to choose from including driving with your passenger chained to the hood, cuffed on the boot or sat on your lap fucking! all these anims are there to be used WHEN DRIVING ALONG!

– 15 static poses for photography purposes, draped on the bonnet, stepping into the car, seductively sat in the passenger seat with feet up on the dash, you get the idea

– HOOD SEX – Unchaned consensual sex on the hood of the car, 6 animations
– HOOD CHAINED – Kinky bdsm style sex with slave chained to hood of the car, 18 animations
– FRONT BUMPER – Rough mocap sex, some chained all around the front bumper, 13 animations
– BACK BUMPER – Like to get your freak on from behind? all these are around the rear of the car, 18 animations
– PASSENGER SEAT – OK, we’ve all tried it right, it is hard work to fuck on the passenger seat, so only 4 animations
– STANDING – Includes cumming on her tits & squirting in his face, all standing next to the car, 9 animations

We aren’t going to spoil the surprises for you, but this menu has it all, fellatio, cunnilingus, 69s, rimming, fisting, maledom, femdom, anal, even some of our Kama Sutra menu has worked it’s way into this amazing piece of kit… lots of anims, lots of props & rezzables, lots of FUN!

Ohh, and it is RLV enabled, so if you are driving along and fancy capturing somebody, just choose the RLV options and pick them up weather they like it or not, further RLV options include blindfold, gag, strip etc, all worked from the animations menu…(subject with RLV enabled in the area required for this menu to be active)

And this works with your xcite & tokon toys, plus most other avi attachments on the market, so it will actually make your virtual cock hard or pussy drip! support for Lotus Cock & Pussy coming very soon!

FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE! so if we change anything, add any animations or new features, you will get delivered a free update all automatically, plus all of our purchases are tracked so if you ever want a copy or to check for the latest update just come & hit our redelivery terminal in store!

Enough talking this car simply has to be seen to be appreciated, check out the inworld slurl below to come & have a look or a play with the anims!

INWORLD SLURL – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawk%20Land/69/176/22

MARKETPLACE – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lets-Go-Topless-Supercar-with-Huge-Sex-menu-BDSM-HALF-PRICE-FOR-BUY-NOW-MAY/9027401

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