Introducing our “Society” range of bdsm/bondage furniture.

Packed full of custom, fluid, animations this mesh piece is designed to be high class, timeless style of furniture, would look good in a study, an office, library, even one of those secret clubs that you need a secret handshake to get in (hence the name “society”). This is HIGH CLASS BONDAGE

* 9 Prims Land Impact – That’s right, this mesh has been designed specifically for SL so is especially prim efficient.(note, the version with all the books included is 15 prims, the one without the books is 9 prims).

* RLV – Yes this will capture anybody RLV enabled, it also has a menu allowing you to strip clothing off, gag (restricts IMs & Chat), blindfold (controls what the person can see or not), Cuff (restricts what the capture can touch).

* No Pose Balls – All our new products run animations without using pose balls, just sit & go!

* Free Updates for Life – We are constantly improving our items, every time we add new features or animations you will be delivered a new copy automatically

* Xcite & Tokon compatible, so this piece works with all your attachments & toys

* Custom Animations – This item has been specifically designed around the animations for it, meaning they fit first time every time, there’s a fun singles menu for the slave in waiting, a romantic cuddles menu for that all important “warm up” and then the all important adult menu where you can choose chained or un-chained sex… Totally HOT, smooth & fluid anims that have to be seen to be believed, take a look at the pics or come play with the item in-world to see for yourself.

* MODIFY – All our new items are now copy & modify

This item has matching pieces, also from the “desire range” all custom mesh, all texture change, all fantastic! Collect the set!

There’s so much that could be said about this piece but lets stop wasting time, come & see it inworld to check out the amazing animations but don’t forget to buy on Marketplace to get it cheaper!!!


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